Or the adventures of the Summer Solstice Girl in the Great White North

The Adventures of Yetti Freddie

It was Sunday and Yetti Freddie rose and shined very early (yetties tend to be obnoxiously chirpy on Sunday mornings).

What other adventures away Yetti Freddie?

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A Sidlet wanted a Fairy Garden…

One fine afternoon in Lansingland, Sidlet 2 said she wanted a plant for her room. The Sidlets room has a lovely window with a nice window ledge that is just perfect for a plant. So a couple of days later we went to get a plant. While there, I saw all this cute thingies and suggested making a fairy garden instead.

Needless to say Sidlet 2 thought it was the best idea ever. We got all the things we wanted, which required going to three different stores (Thank you Sid and Sidlet 1 for being so patient) and then we got to work!

We cleared the table and set all our stuff. I took a short bathroom break and when I came back, Sidlet 2 had drawn a garden plan! That girl is impressive. I thought I had taken a photo of it but I can’t find it but you can sort of see it in the first photo of the gallery.

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Museum-ing in Lansingland

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Summer Solstice Girl when visiting a new city must be in want of a museum. And a zoo.

So, museum-ing*** I went.

First, Sidlet #2, Sid and I went to the Potter Park Zoo. Sidlet #1 is not too much into zoos so she stayed home and did homework instead.

Then, the four of us went to the Michigan Historical Museum where I learned about well… the history of Michigan.

Lastly, we made the 1.5hr trek to Grand Rapids, where I had a two-fold mission. First, to meet with the people from the Global Center* for Advanced Studies and second, visit the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Because, DINOSAURS**, yo!


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* Ugh, the American spelling is so alien to me.

** However, Sid already posted enough dinosaur photos -and mine are not all that good anyway, so I am only posting family ones here. Go to his blog and enjoy his Dinosaur Unearthed post.

*** I didn’t visit all the museums in the area because I was too busy being lazy on the weekends but Sid, the Sidlets and I did get to go to a few.


When The Beast Breaks Free

I write this with tears in my eyes.

I have talked before about my anger issues. As a child and a teenager I was angry all the time. I didn’t know why I was angry. I just was. Even worse, I didn’t even know I was angry. I wasn’t aware that anger was burning deep inside me, killing me from the inside out.

I didn’t get into fights. I didn’t hit anyone. But I was much too stern and I kept everyone at arm’s length. The smallest of things was enough to set me off and I’d yell an angry retort and stomp away to go simmer in my room.

Being a gifted child didn’t help either. To me, everybody was utterly stupid and I looked at pretty much everyone with contempt. It is quite normal for everybody to see themselves as the norm. I didn’t think of myself as gifted. I saw myself as having a “normal” intelligence. So, if I was a regular, average kid , then everybody else had to be stupid because, how else do you explain the fact that they don’t understand things as easily and as quick as you do? Math class was the worse. I was always angry during those. I couldn’t understand how my classmates didn’t understand such basic concepts. It took me a while to realize I was smarter than the rest. It probably didn’t happen until 6th grade, when the nuns started to assign students to me for tutoring. I don’t know how we all survived that. The poor other kids, because I didn’t hit them for being slow and I, because I managed to not hit anyone and not call anyone names. My charges were terrified of me, but they improved. And the more they improved, the more the nuns would assigned more girls to be tutored by me. By ninth grade, girls were coming to me out of their own volition and I helped them all. I started to get an inkling on how to control The Beast, whatever it was. How to keep it at bay.

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Arting in Lansingland

I seem to have hit a major hindrance in blogging. It is not for lack of time or lack of subject. I have plenty of both. But I just can’t get started. It’s been more than a month since my last post and I even started one -which is still in draft, about Black History Month. Imagine! We’re past mid-March now.

So, since I can’t write, I’ll just share with you some of the drawings I did while in Lansingland. Yes, I did bring most of my art supplies with me. Of course I did. A girl can’t travel without them, you know…

Thing is, the Sidlets really like to draw. And they are both quite good in their different styles, I must say. They spend a lot of time arting, which I think is just the awesome. As it turned out, they really liked my pens and coloured pencils. One day, Sidlet # 2 was getting acquainted with my felt tip pens and drew several kitties, declaring that the pen was awesome. Then she moved onto homework and promptly forgot about the kitties. I – however, didn’t. I saved them, cut them out and gave them a playground:


For Sidlet # 2: Kitty Cafe

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Stupid Scumbag Brain

I just had an accident.

Not that kind of accident, you goofs. This kind of accident:


Butterfingers Petrilli attacks again.

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My Darling Poutine

a.k.a North America and its Terms of endearment or North America’s Fascination With Food, Specially Of The Sweet Variety.

As we all immigrants know, it is very common to be baffled when faced with learning how to live and behave in a brand new society with a brand new culture, so different for that we come from.

New rules, new conventions, which are made more difficult to comprehend when our new home also includes learning a different language*.

Cultural differences make for some really frustrating and upsetting experiences but also for some hilarious moments.

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There were some good times too

With all the bad news, I totally forgot to say that there were great moments during the holidays too. And that’s never a good thingmcause I rarely lose sight of the little [big] things. Besides, it is rather uncharacteristic of me not to make a big fuss about presents and food, and presents, and snow, and presents and parties, and presents and stuff, you know?

So, fret not cause here it is, [cue fanfare] my much belated Christmas/New Years Eve post!!!*

Let’s start with Sid’s surprise birthday party:

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Braggin’ Mamma

I feel like bragging today.

Too much momma pride to let it pass. Besides, let’s face it. We ALL know who she got the looks from, right?


Here she is in all her glory:

Glamour in the 30's

Glamour in the 30′s

She a total quadruple threat. She’s got the brains, she’s got the looks, she’s got the talent. She sings, she dances, she choreographs. In fact, she’s won many awards in all those three areas. And she’s an accomplished businesswoman! Click on the picture to see the rest of the photo shoot.

And now, champagne*!

Or a Muppets video to make you smile :)


* Another 20 extra brownie points if you got the movie reference

It’s an UGH kind of day


[you have to wonder when a post starts with "ugh"]

I had an appointment at 11 am today with my caseworker.

Lat night, before going to bed, I checked the public transport travel planner for route timetables. One can choose among several options, including least walking and least transfers.  The least transfer option included about 15 minutes of walking so I went with the least walking one, even though that meant one bus transfer. Once I chose that route, I went for the option that would take me there at 1o:40 instead of 11:00. Just in cases*.

With that info, I set my alarm, and went to sleep.

Got up this morning, had breakfast, took a shower. Only that once I was IN the shower, I realized I was still wearing underwear. Nice.

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