Or the adventures of the Summer Solstice Girl in the Great White North

It’s The Little [Leftie] Things

Yesterday, I got a very awesome surprise gift from my very awesome fiance that made me super happy. Here it is, in all its glory:

Leftie Scissors

You may wonder why a pair of scissors is such a big deal for me. But when you’ve spent all of your leftie life cutting things with right-handed scissors, you would know. I just wanted to sit and cry, so happy I was! What a thing. You righties have no idea how aggravating it is for us lefties to live in a right-handed world Continue reading

Sunday Morning Silliness

Because it’s Sunday. And I’m silly. And you know… I have too much time on my hands.

I was looking at my phone (yes, that is the first thing I do when I wake up) trying to find the fabled new features of iOS8 and came across this app I had downloaded because Nathan Filion. aLike is the name and I had forgotten I had it. Naturally, I had to play with it.

I took the first picture and this is what I got:


Still my favourite

Sid and I almost fell off the bed, so hard we were laughing. So much fun I just had to keep going.

Hmmm, I wonder what will I get if I let my hair down… Continue reading

It is cold and dark in here

I feel absolutely dead inside.

There is no sunshine, no solace. There’s only the freezing cold, dark, numbness of the desert of my soul.

Oh, the mask is on today (the mask is always required). Very rarely I dare not to wear it because I get burned when I don’t.

Even in the one place where I thought I didn’t have to wear it, I still do.

You’ll see me smile today. You’ll see me being civil and polite. Isn’t that what society is all about? That we are civil and polite to each other while committing the most horrible crimes?

“I can’t take the evil of this world anymore”. That’s what I said yesterday. And yet, here I am, still alive today. How can I still be alive if my heart is broken in a million frozen little pieces?

Right. Because I am condemned to grow a heart every night, so it can be broken again every day. The gods are mean and bloodthirsty and that is the penalty for being born with one.

Be the change you want to see, they say.

Well, I am that change. But day after day I get crushed. What kind of change is that?

Sadness and anger. Despair and murderous thoughts. An unholy desire to do to people what they have done to other living things.


Cold Red fury.

There is no hope for the human race and there is no hope for me either, because I hate.

Hell and damnation.

That’s where I am going.

Because in my mind, each one of the little bastards is dying a very slow and painful death, while being fed all the suffering the collective human hive has inflicted on the world for countless centuries.

Someone Got an Extreme Makeover

Teenaged Claudia

Teenager Claudia

Did you think it was me who got the extreme makeover?


It was Two Geeks and Four Cats that got it.

Hop over there to see it. I am quite happy with it :)

Tweet Tweet

I’m a Page!

I finally did it!

I had been toying with the idea for a couple of years not. First I thought of a website but that idea never crystallized. Finally, I got tired of always wishing I could make a difference but not really doing anything about it.

Well, I did use my personal Facebook as a platform for my activism. Those who are friends with me there, know how bumpy that road is. And then there is A Canvas of the Minds, of course.

But I felt something else was needed. So after much procrastination, I followed my ADHD impulsiveness and Voilà:

The shiny brand new Summer Solstice Musings Facebook page!

Summer Solstice Musings

And now, I even have a shiny widget on this blog’s side bar, see?

FB Page Widget

Well, this is a new leg on my journey. I have no idea where will it take me but I am excited. 

Also, I don’t know if it is of any significance at all or not, but it is kinda cool that it coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day AND my mother’s birthday.

So yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, wherever you are!

Things you need to know about me

I’m insane. That is a fact.

I'm insane

That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. However, if you want to learn about the various degrees of my insanity, then by all means, please keep reading. Continue reading

Musings on religion and errata

The day before yesterday, I saw this meme on FB and me, being me, I immediately shared it with the following caption:


Please do the rest of mankind a favour and do it



Today, I revisited my post cause it was in the back of my head, bugging me. It was bugging me and I didn’t know why until – too late, I realized in horror that I was actually telling people to go kill themselves. But instead of deleting my post, I thought it better to acknowledge my erratum in hope of keeping the conversation going. Because, it is important to admit that one does make mistakes every now and then, righ?

Therefore, I added this comment:

NOTE: While re-reading the words, I have realized something. I do not condone taking your own life. I shared the post because I hope that people see the irony and wisdom in it. NO religion ( and NO god) is worth killing for. Where is the wisdom in a god that asks you to kill their own creation? If “my” god told me I had to kill, in their name, the very creatures they claim to have created, I’d said screw you, blood-thirsty god. I am wiser than you. I am not killing any of my brothers and sisters and you are not my god anymore. Be gone!

So, I apologize. While I do agree with Jimmy Carr in that the human gene pool could use some a lot of chlorine, and I look forward to reading every year’s Darwin Awards, I recognize the wrong in what I said and what is said in the meme. For obvious reasons.

However, I stand by my other statement:

NO religion ( and NO god) is worth killing for. Where is the wisdom in a god that asks you to kill their own creation?

There was more I wanted to say on this but I can’t remember right now. I knew I should have finished the post yesterday, cause you know…

Adorable little dude at Strathcona Park

500 Today


I got this sweet notification from WP today


I can’t believe my little blog has 500 followers. Continue reading


Perceptions are a funny thing

When you are a baby, you think everybody perceives the universe the way you do. That’s why they think that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them either.

As a child, you start incorporating your family’s views into your perception of the world (I loosely equal world to universe here). You learn values and point of views. You learn to fear the things your close ones fear and to hate what your close ones hate. And that is what you consider “right”. Whether you are being raised by two moms, or two dads, or a single parent or a mom and a dad, that’s your understanding of “normal”.

SSG’s very own universe

Incidentally, that’s also the time when we learn that Mexicans are “lazy” or that “Muslims” are terrorists” or that gay people are “evil sinners” or that black people are “dangerous”, or… do you get my drift?. At that age, one doesn’t question one’s parents. At that age, we think they know (and are right about) everything.

Continue reading

Crazy COLOURlover

Remember when I told you about my new thing? Well, I am having a grand old time with designing stuff. I found this awesome site called COLOURlovers (and yes, It has the right spelling! w00t w00t) and apparently I now eat and breathe colours.

I am having so much fun. I am still a n00b, of course, but I am getting the gist of it. I still don’t have the skill to create my own pattern templates but I am starting to get good at creating nice patterns with other people’s templates.

Wanna see?

This is my most recent one and the one I like the most so far! I am very happy with it :)

 Made of  sapphire & Mithril and shining with the light of Telperion

Varda’s jewel


Continue reading


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