The Summer Solstice Paradox

Once upon a time a baby girl was about to be born… she was due some time late August, early September. But something went wrong and the birth ended up happening in June. On the Summer Solstice, to be exact.

Of course the Stork was completely unprepared -which is only understandable given that it was not supposed to happen for another two months. She was drunk completely wasted.

She misread the directions or dropped the compass or something and the poor baby girl ended up being delivered in a tropical country. Not bad – some would say, for someone being born on the Summer Solstice. You know, Summer… tropical… kinda the same thing, temperature-wise.

25 degrees Celsius (plus humidex) all year round sounds like a dream come true for most people. Not for the Summer Solstice Girl. With a high sensitivity to sun in the form of both light and heat – translated into a great sensitivity to heat exhaustion and photophobia (perhaps the vestiges of prematurity or due to the fact that she was really intended to be born in a boreal country) this little girl grew up dreaming of snow and winter. Sweaters, jackets, scarves and gloves. Snowmen, hot chocolate (well, that she still had, but the Colombian kind) and sleigh rides. Winter sports. Those were he things she used to day-dream of….

Ah, the paradox of the Summer Solstice Girl.

Instead she had to deal humidex, frizzy hair and sunburn. She was not happy.

That’s not the SSG but that is how her hair used to look.  OK not really.  But you get the idea

It would be a very sad story -cruel really, were it not for the fact that finally the Summer Solstice Girl got to come to Canada!

The Great White North, strong and free.

It’s never too late, they say, to pursue one’s dreams. Well, let’s hope they were right.


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