What makes the Summer Solstice Girl happy

A smile, a hug, a good conversation.  A squirrel pausing to evaluate if I pose a danger to her and then continuing to look for food for the fast approaching winter.  A chipmunk eating peanuts from my hand at the Arboretum park.

Flowers, rain, thunderstorms, birds chirping away outside my window.

Family and Friends.  Seeing a friend being happy.  Being able to help a friend in need.

Chocolate.  Chocolate fondue, chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate icing, hot chocolate, iced chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate fountains.  Chocolate-covered strawberries. Hell, chocolate-covered anything. Well, not really… chocolate-covered broccoli wouldn’t make me happy.

Dancing, being airborne (a.k.a. aerials), competing, performing.

My cat, so soft and warm cuddling with me while I type.  My cat, playing hide and seek with me.  My cat going on walks with me.  My cat. Period.

The sound of running water.  Rivers, creeks, falls, a backyard pond, a fountain.  Water in the form of lakes, ponds, inlets.  The sound of the waves splashing on the shore.

Music, music and more music.  From Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to Liszt, Rimsky-Korsakov and Ravel.  From Joplin, Bechet and Armstrong to Gershwin and Bernstein. Classic music, Celtic music, Klezmer Music, African music, Latin music, Jazz, Blues, Black Gospel, Soul.

Bunny wabbits and groundhogs.  Horses. Fall colour explosions, snow. Making snow angels.

A nice cup of tea and a book.  A good movie shared with good friends.  Cuddling.

Coffee.  Meeting a friend over coffee.

A full moon on a clear night.  Stargazing.



Those are the things that make me happy

11 thoughts on “What makes the Summer Solstice Girl happy

  1. map_maker says:

    I can agree with you on almost this entire list. I am strongly contemplating dipping broccoli in chocolate fondue to see what it would taste like. I've done it with cheese and that was wonderful.mmm cheese and chocolate.

  2. Summer Solstice Girl says:

    hahaha, chocolate-covered broccoli is a joke some swingdancers had about a swing dynamite party a few years back when we first introduced Coco Dynamite, the chocolate fountain. We need to bring Coco back!And yes! I should have added there cheese and cheese fondue :)

  3. Daniela says:

    I think even chocolate covered brocolli might be tasty, after seeing Chocolat everything goes.This is my favourite bit though -"The sound of running water. Rivers, creeks, falls, a backyard pond, a fountain. Water in the form of lakes, ponds, inlets. The sound of the waves splashing on the shore." – because water is soothing and just perfect.

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