A very Un-Martha kind of girl

Some times after seeing my tweep’s tweets or reading their blogs I feel mighty useless.  I don’t cook, I don’t bake.  Particularly, I don’t bake pretty cupcakes, which seems to be all the rage these days.  I don’t sew. I can’t paint, or draw.  I’m not funny – couldn’t tell a joke even if my life depended on it.  It is pretty sad, actually.

This is how people look like when I tell a joke

In the old days of online forums (god, has it even been that long? it seems like ages ago) there was this Canadian Swing dance forum called LindyHopper.ca.  I think it still exists but it is ghost town there.  Hmm, fancy that, people still post about events there, just checked.

Anyway, it has a Ladies’ lounge among other things.  There is a thread there called “what are you making? crafty chat” where all the women would post pictures about this fabulous scarf, or hat, or whatever they’d knit.  Or the things they’d sew or bake or whatever.  In time they got married and had kids and started posting pics about diaper bags with matching change mats and other crazy stuff.  Someone even knitted a DNA scarf (granted, if I knitted, that would be the kind of stuff I’d make)

Thank god someone – a very kind soul, obviously, finally started a thread she called “the Un-Martha Thread.  For those of us who have problems using a glue-stick!!

This is a post of mine from 30 Aug 2006, 12:31 PM

Oh good god, finally…. I thought I was the only one with those kind of *ahem* problems…. and of course, going to an all-girl catholic school with ultra conservative Nuns (you know, the kind that think the only education a girl needs is how to be a good wife and mother… (yeah, yeah, it was in Colombia) didn’t help… tongue.gif 

glue sticks and I just don’t get along…

Baking: those who have seen me lately, know what i’m talking about: beware girls, Ovens are evil, I have the marks on my arms to prove it!!!!! they will attack when you least expect it dry.gif

One can still see the marks on my forearms made by the evil oven!

A later entry on that thread:

QUOTE(—– @ 5 Sep 2006, 11:00 AM)
Some part of me would like to learn to sew, but I have had other things I’d rather spend my time on.


Sometimes I think I should get myself a sewing machine and take some time to re-learn those skills. My Grandfather was a tailor and my Grandmother -although a cook by profession, was a pretty decent seamstress, not to mention her great skills in knitting, doing crochet and embroidery.

But then again, I hear so many books calling my name, wanting to be read. And the trails summon me, and my walking stick and hiking boots are there by the door ready, waiting for me…. nah, with so many interesting people to talk to, so many exciting places to visit and so many books to learn from, who wants to spend time sewing and cooking and the likes?

So there! words to live by, I tell you (I can be pretty deep sometimes, who would’ve thunk?).  While I’ll still admire what crafty people can do – and eat all their pretty cupcakes too, I think I am quite happy with the talents I got.

Plus who can say they know how to design their own DNA sequence, make it into a plasmid and then introduce it into a host Bacterial DNA?  I think that’s pretty kick-ass.

Or being thrown up in the air by their partner and land perfectly on their two feet and keep dancing like there is no tomorrow.  That’s pretty kick-ass too!

Suddenly it is not so bad to be so un-Martha ;)

9 thoughts on “A very Un-Martha kind of girl

  1. map_maker says:

    I am not exactly a Martha either, which might explain why we get along so well. I can't knit, my cooking is a bit odd and closer to a bachelor. My grandma was a seamstress and her mother was a pastry chef in downtown London before she left for Canada. My mum is great in the kitchen, made her own wedding dress, etc. I can replace hardware in desktops, make you a map of pretty much anything, and while I don't know aerials yet, I suspect it is just a matter of time. ;)

  2. Don says:

    I'm not a gal, but I can't use a glue stick. I sew rather poorly and my working with a sewing machine will likely require a visit to the emergency room.As for baking, clearly, this weekend's attempts at that Columbia upside down cake demonstrate, I'm an amateur at the culinary arts. I'll be picking up a blow torch for my next take, borrowing ideas from classic Tarte Tatin!

  3. Paige Turner says:

    I think that so long as you are happy in the things you do, then it doesn't matter! Besides, I agree with you about books; more often than not I would rather sit and read with a good book than I would cook or clean.Cheers!~Paige

  4. Lady Balboa says:

    I'll admit, I can knit, sew and bake (but only passingly well). I can fake it 'till I make it – once I've tried a hand at it, though, I'll usually get bored.Give me a dance class to teach, a video game to beat or an event to organize, though, and I'm ON IT like white on rice.

  5. Owen says:

    I found this post inspiring. I've spent a lot of effort trying to be as multi-talented as possible… I taught myself to cook well, to sew, I can do basic carpentry and electrical wiring, I learned to dance, I occasionally try my hand at singing, I've studied martial arts, chemistry, physics, sometimes a little history, made it through many of the great classics of English literature, learned a lot of psychology, and of course business and finance. With all of that, I still stressed when I didn't have a knack for something or had no idea how to proceed. I get nervous when I have to choose wine to go with a meal. Still can't sing in public. God help me if I have to fold women's clothing. All kinds of things…It's good to be reminded that we don't have to do everything well. And that the talents we do have are awesome. Thanks for the perspective!

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