I’m a potato

A very heartwarming conversation with one of my dearest tweeps, Gary Champagne prompted me to write this post.

Years and years ago when I was still a teenager, I read this little article on a reader’s digest magazine. It made such an impression on me I still remember it very clearly.  It was about a woman talking about the way she prayed and how funny her prayer must sound to god.  She always prayed for god to make her a potato.  Yeah, that sounds weird all right, I though as I was reading. Then she proceeded to explain that once she had been told that some people are like eggs and some other people are like potatoes.

You see, when you boil an egg, it becomes hard.  So, following the analogy, some people, when faced with problems or disappointments become disillusioned. Life’s hardships are the equivalent of the boiling process.  Thus, that kind of people become hard, cold.  They lose hope and they don’t (or can’t) trust  anyone or anything. Some of them can’t even love. They become hard-boiled eggs.

Potatoes -on the other hand, become soft when boiled. Likewise, when faced with pain, loss and other beauties, some people come out of it soft, still malleable.  In other words, they are capable of great love, great empathy for other people’s pain, etc, etc, etc.  You get the drill.

Thus, this woman wanted to be a potato.  And so she prayed to her god.  She didn’t want to ever be so jaded, so callous, she’d be insensitive not only to other people’s pain and suffering but also to all the beauty in the world.

And not being able to appreciate the beauty of the world is one of man’s greatest tragedies.

I’m a potato.  I don’t understand how that’s possible given the circumstances of my life but I am.  I didn’t chose to be a potato either and I certainly didn’t pray for it but I’m most happy I came out that way after being boiled over and over again.

I’m a potato and I’m grateful for it.  Just as I’m grateful for my wonderful friends (tweeps and otherwise), for my family, for my cat, for having a roof over my head and food in my belly.  For being able to live in Canada and last but not least, for Twitter! :)

So there!


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