I, the one who loves you

What am I, you ask?

I’m your friend, I’m your lover
I’m your partner in crime.

I’m your fairy tale princess,
I’m your hardheaded gal.

I’m your private dancer,
I’m your biggest fan.

The one who’ll laugh with you
or cry, when adversity strikes.

A fellow hiker on a golden Autumn day
or a swimmer under the moonlight of a warm summer night.

An avid debater should the occasion arise
or just a quiet companion in the evening, by the fire.

I’m the one who”ll walk by your side
hand in hand, no matter what.

The one who reinvents herself through the years,
when things go wrong, when things go right.

Close or far away,
no distance can change that.

All of this, that’s what I am.
But in the end, know that it is just
I, the one who loves you
now and ever, till the end of time

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