OK, let me start by saying that I’m really happy for all my friends that are in love and are loved back at this moment in life.  I am truly happy for all my friends that are in a happy, healthy, loving relationship today.  Good for them.  Seriously.  Very happy for all my friends that are just starting a relationship as well.  Butterflies in the stomach are a wonderful thing.  And just in time for Valentine’s! isn’t that wonderful?
But! I’m single.  And while I KNOW I’m loved by many people, friends and family alike (and I love them back too) I don’t have a f*cking boyfriend. Haven’t had a f*cking boyfriend in years.  So, I’m f*cking sick and tired of all those lovey-dovey tweets and FB posts about Valentine’s day.  And I’m even more f*cking sick and tired of friends wishing ME a happy Valentine’s day.  Like, WTF?
Yes, I know you mean well.  I know you love me.  I know you want all the best for me.  But you’re only making it worse! sorry but that’s the truth.
Yes, I know I’m being a sour person.  Yes, were I in love with a guy who loved me back, I’d be one of those people tweeting today about how wonderful life is.  Yes, I am well aware that makes me a hypocritical bitch. Contradictory? well, that’s part of the human condition.  And after all, I’m only human.
So, there!
Feel free to carry on with your lovey-dovey messages.  I’ll just stay away from Twitter and Facebook today.
See you tomorrow -unless I feel I have to rant a bit more today

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