If Only

It’d be so nice to tell the world how much I love you
Alas, I know that will never be the case.
silent admiration, words unspoken
or perhaps but whispered in close embrace.

So many things to me forbidden
so many things I’d like to do
those little things that make a difference
those foolish things just meant for you.

To bring you coffee in the morning,
to come back home to you at night.
To hold your hand when out strolling
to make you laugh with pillow fights.

To kiss you goodnight when the day is over
to wake up to your beautiful blue eyes.
To play with your lush golden hair
to share your life – ah, such a prize!

So many feelings in want of being uttered
the world shall never hear
But know in your heart, my darling
that in my heart you’ll always be.


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