Poll: Twitter Handle Change

So, I’ve been thinking for almost a year about shortening my Twitter handle. The reason? it’s a bit too long and it doesn’t go well with re-tweets. That’s all. I like my name very much but the whole thing just gets in the way when it comes to allowing for RTs when sharing content.

Tonight, I finally got around asking my Tweeps for suggestions. 

Needless to say I had a great time. I even found out there’s a WB cat named Claude who gets a lot of grief from a dog named Frisky (have I mention how I love my tweeps?). 

Unfortunately, the most obvious ones were already taken. I waited too long.  Those were:




After many funny suggestions -some of them absolutely hilarious (like Cee3PO for example. Or ChiaPet), I’m down to four options:




@ClaudiaMP M stands for Magaly, my middle name. I don’t have any interest in politics 

Please help me choose my new twitter handle by voting on the little poll on the right!

And many thanks to all the tweeps that helped me with suggestions and feedback. You rock!

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