My 28-Day Challenge

This past Saturday I saw at tweet about someone doing challenge. Me, being me (challenge, anyone?) well, let’s just say I immediately clicked on the link to find out what was it all about.

This is where I was taken: The 28-Day Challenge
Hmmm 100 push-ups every other day & 250 crunches every day for 4 weeks? interesting. This is something I could do – Saturday Me thinks.
Let’s rewind a little. 
Most of you know 2011 has been rather unkind to me. First I got into a minor car accident (for the record, I wasn’t driving) during a snow storm and got whiplash
OK, maybe I should rewind a little bit more
For those of you new to my blog -and my life, I’m a swing dancer. I social dance but I also compete. Last year I was in four teams, three of which are very demanding, requiring some moderately challenging acrobatics like the knickerbocker pictured below
Photo credit: @relishing
So, whiplash. In January. With still half of the choreography for the Nationals to learn for both The Rhythm Blasters and the Dynamite Girls. Gaaaaaaah
I said to myself: Myself, you can do this! 
Thus, I got some rest, took lots of advil, did a lot of stretching and three weeks later went back to training. On the very first practice after the accident, I was assigned a new partner. Then we’re given time to go over the aerials in order to get used to each other. We start by reviewing the knicker and wham! I land badly and sprain my right ankle. 10 weeks off of training again. As a bonus, I’m out of the Nationals as I’ll never be able to get strong enough, learn the choreography and the new formations, etc. Beautiful!
Now, let’s fast-forward to May. I haven’t been able to train for four months. And I’m talking about heavy training. I find myself very de-motivated and gaining weight. I haven’t had the heart to weight myself (I don’t even keep a balance at home) but I know it’s bad when pants and skirts are not only tight but not even zipping up anymore. Damn.  And it’s a vicious cycle. The less physical activity I do, the less I feel like doing any physical activity at all.  Since I’ve been nurturing my ankle back to health I haven’t even been social dancing!
And then… ta da! a challenged is issued. 28 days, push-ups, crunches. I can definitely do that!
Except for the fact that I really suck at push-ups. So in order to to stick to the challenge, I create my own program: the goal will be to be able to do 50 push-ups and 250 crunches by the end of the 28 days.  Preferably –but not necessarily, in a row.
However, given my upper body weakness I decided to start with 20 push-ups (4 series of 5) and then add more as time goes by.  I’m hoping that by the end of the challenge I’ll be able to do 5 series of 10.
As for the crunches, I started with 150 (3 series of 50) but very quickly I realized that was easy so I’m doing now 250 (5 series of 50). My goal is to do progress into doing series of 100 (2 series of 100 and 1 of 50, I suppose) and even better, to be able to do the 250 without stopping. We’ll see.
SO! that’s my challenge. Wish me luck! 
Oh, I also took a few pics so I can do one of those before/after thingies.
Here are the before pictures:
Front: Notice how the waist is gone

Side: I miss my flat tummy

Arms: will my inadequate arms rise to the challenge?

And last but not least, a big SHOUT OUT to DJ Waldow for starting the 28-Day Challenge! Rock on!

3 thoughts on “My 28-Day Challenge

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    Challenge accepted. You will have your spreadsheet before the the morrow.

    Then we’ll talk about what we’ll each tolerate in each other’s blogs… :) Holy smokes!

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