My 28-Day Challenge Follow-Up


So, the 28 days ended two days ago. However, I have to say I totally blew it.  Here’s the recap:

My challenge

It all started well. As expected, the push-ups were very difficult and crunches were very easy. However, by the 5th day I could feel my arms getting much stronger and I was actually able to do 10 push-ups in a row! that was a very exciting moment for me.

Then the Canadian Swing Championships came. I didn’t go to compete but I was invited to DJ.  Plus I was there to cheer for my fellow team members -who did extremely well, by the way.

In case you didn’t know, there’s this little thing about me. I’m an accident waiting to happen. I fall down. A lot. All the time. And I break easily as well. 

Now, add this to the equation

Spiral Staircase – view from upstairs
Spiral Staircase – view from downstairs
Yep, that was my room (oh, didn’t I mention the hotel is gorgeous?) 
And yep, you guessed correctly. I did fall down that spiral staircase, re-injuring my right ankle.
Now, in theory,  that shouldn’t have affected my challenge. I could still do crunches and with a little bit of adjusting, I could still do push-ups.  Only that I was angry, and sad, and bummed, and a whole lot of other things I’m not gonna mention here. So I didn’t. Just took lots of painkillers and was gloomy the whole weekend.
I figured I’d catch up once I got home. Didn’t happen.
There! I have no excuse. I blew it.
It looks like another challenge is being issued, starting June 20th. We’ll see how it goes with that one

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