Old Summer Solstice Girl had a garden

And she misses it greatly.  Cause the Summer Solstice Girl HEARTS flowers.  All types of flowers.  The cultivated ones and the wild ones.
From roses to orchids. From mums to tulips. From carnations to violets. From pansies to irises.  Spring flowers. Summer flowers, Fall flowers.
Here a flower, there a flower, everywhere a flower-flower…
But of all the pretty flowers that be, the Summer Solstice Girl’s favourite kind of flowers are daisies.  All daisies, but particularly Gerbera daisies
aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?
Flowers and smiles go together. Incidentally, you can check this other post of mine, if you feel so inclined: Don’t want no flowers when I’m dead
Funny Factoid: I just learned (while looking for pictures of daises for this post) that the traditional meaning for the gerbera daisy is beauty and innocence. It made me smile.

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