The Summer Solstice Girl is a geek

Well, that’s not really news for many of you.
It is also not news that 2011 has not been particularly kind to me.  One of the side effects was a forced state of hibernation of my geeky self that almost led to its total annihilation.

But this geeky self is definitely out of hibernation.  

Of course, this didn’t happen overnight.  The defrosting started back in late March and it continued through several late night conversations under a starry sky.  Said conversations may or may have not involved copious amounts of wine and/or Jack Daniels helped by a healthy dose of shooting stars.

I was reflecting tonight on how privileged I am to have both the astronomical and the microscopical insight.  As an amateur astronomer and a molecular biologist, I have experience with both telescopes and microscopes, galaxies and gene mapping, light-years and microns.  That certainly gives you a whole different perspective on life.

That thought was reinforced by this fantastic video, shared earlier today (or rather yesterday, I should say) by the bear. The poetry of science: A conversation between a biologist and an astrophysicist. 

THE POETRY OF SCIENCE! Yes, indeed! I’ve been in love with science since I can remember.  Science speaks to me in a very sweet language. Poetry in motion, that’s what science is.
You’ve been warned.  Run and take cover, the geek is back. 

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