My Pretty Shoes

So, that sneaky brat of a daughter I have went and signed me up for both the Lindy Hop and Balboa Jack & Jills at the International Lindy Hop Championships in August 2012 without telling me.  That’s where the best Lindyhoppers from all over the world – about 800 of them, the cream of the cream, will gather to show who’s boss.

That normally wouldn’t be scary.  I’m used to competing.  I have medals under my belt.  So, why the screaming?

Well, in February 2011 I crushed one of the little bones of my right foot while practicing acrobatics with my new partner and was out of training for a whole year.  Then -on a completely unrelated issue, I needed major abdominal surgery in January 2012.  I JUST  started dancing again and only at the social level.  I lost quite a lot of blood during and after teh surgery and my iron levels [that were already very low before the surgery] suffered and are still not quite back to normal.  Add to that the lack of training and I am very much out of shape.   I still have to sit down after one not too energetic song.

Regardless, I’m back into training.  Not with my team or my regular partner.  Just with our intermediate/advance level class.  Easing my way back into hard core training.  I think  know I can do it.  Well, there’s no chance on hell I’ll place but I’m confident I will manage to not embarrass myself and my country.   I have four more months to get ready.  I’ll work one on one with my coaches and I’ll be ok.  Scared to my bones but OK.

However, since I’m gonna compete at the Internationals, then I might as well compete at the Nationals.  Kinda required practice.  Only problem? The Nationals are in three weeks.

Let’s panic – all together now

After much hyperventilating, I decided the only way to get my shit back together was to start thinking of my pretty outfits for the competitions.

And what better than to start with shoes? Hell yeah! I feel better already.

Shoes I’ll be wearing for the Balboa Jack & Jill

Shoes I’ll be wearing for the Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

Stay tuned for the dresses.

PS:  Unfortunately, and because my days lately consist of the FML kind, the shoes won’t arrive in time for the Nationals.  That makes the SSG a sad kitteh

7 thoughts on “My Pretty Shoes

  1. nadinethornhill says:

    Your situation has the makings of an amazing dance movie! After enduring medical hardship, our hero (you) must fight her way back to compete against the best at nationals!

    You are my real-life dance movie star!

    And those shoes are incredible!

  2. meizac says:

    You’re going to dance with your injuries/surgery recoveries.
    I’m going to Tough Mudder with my injuries/surgery recoveries.
    We are both going to kick ass.

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