Happy May 1st

Well, it seems like today I can’t stop blogging.  Oh well, you’ll have to bear with me, dear readers.  Specially on this one.

I was reading Meizac’s Blog  and that reminded me a photograph my son posted on FB this morning.

Your obedient servant

I have the honor to report we killed a thousand Colombians…

Well done, Mr. Caffery. Well done.

And because you were such an obedient servant, they named a portion of a highway in your memory. Such a joy and such an honour to kill Colombians!

Leaders of the banana plantations workers’ strike. From left to right: Pedro M. del Río, Bernardino Guerrero, Raúl Eduardo Mahecha, Nicanor Serrano and Erasmo Coronel. Guerrero and Coronel were killed by the Colombian army.

Here’s a bit of background for that Dispatch: Banana Massacre .  The government of the United States of America had threatened to invade with the US Marine Corps if the Colombian government did not act to protect United Fruit’s interests.


5 thoughts on “Happy May 1st

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Yo no se si una vida de combate sea la solución o que. Mas sangre derramada? Y quienes son los que siempre pierden? Los que siempre sufren? Los inocentes. Los atrapados en la mitad del conflicto. Las mujeres, los ancianos, los niños. Los huerfanos. Las viudas. Los padres que, con el corazón desgarrado, tienen que enterrar a sus hijos.

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