What To Do

Laptopless. Daughterless (she’s out watching The Avengers with the boyfriend). Bored. With an aching tummy. But with a purring cat – who by the way, completely ignored the toy I got for him on my way back. The brat!

Thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster for my iPhone so at least I can blog. Or try to, anyway.

Granted, I could start the next book in my queue, but my stomach is too upset to let me read. Plus this is fun. Sorta.

Now, what else can I do from my phone, in terms of WP?


Not much, apparently. Can’t seem to be able to add captions to the pics. Bummer. That’s a heart-shaped plum I found at Loblaws.

OK. This is getting boring. Perhaps some Peptobismol?

PS: I think the WP iPhone app leaves a lot to be desired

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