A magnet for causes?

Even when I’m not looking, I get tricked into supporting a cause.

That figures

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know about my commitment with making Childhood Sexual Abuse a thing of the past.  Before that, I worked for a little while with Movember.

But this one is very different.  And special.

It involves an exceptional woman and her very own quest to help those – to put it in her own words, “who, in absence of bad luck, wouldn’t have any at all.”

It all happened because of Twitter [doesn’t it all?].

One day, a tweep of mine [@map_maker if you must know] tagged me in a reply to @relishing, suggesting me as a “Stranger”.  Of course I was like, say what? My tweep/friend procceded to show me her pictures and explained about the 100 Strangers photography project.  I thought the idea fascinating and immediately said yes.  Kim and I had a few chats, where she asked me about my hobbies, passions, etc.  Of course, dancing came up immediately and she suggested we did the shot at the studio.  Since in order to do aerials I require a partner, I asked Jeff a fellow team member.  The mask was Kim’s idea.  We had a blast and we came out of it with some pretty photographs.

Soon enough, I was stranger 41.  Good times!

It all could have ended there but Kim being the exceptional woman she is, decided to take this project of hers further ahead.  Almost a year later when the last thing on my mind was Le Mien, I got an email from Kim explaining her new idea.   She wanted to make the 100 strangers into a book, and donate the proceeds to Operation Rainbow Canada.  She wanted to know if I was OK with her using my pictures.  Being the sucker I am for causes, I immediately said yes.  Because, really.  Was there  any other possible answer?

Yesterday, I met with @littlerandy [who by the way is stranger 23] for coffee and naturally, we started talking about the project  I was telling him how difficult it is -impossible, really,  for children of poor third world countries families to have a normal life.   I’ve met people in their adult life who never had access to corrective surgery.  Speech is pretty much impossible.  And therefore, any occupation other than panhandling is out of the question.  A life of ridicule and ostracism.  Love? Marriage? A family of their own? Not for them.

So for me, giving the gift of a smile is a no-brainer

And that’s why I’ll be at Irene’s tonigh.  And that’s why I’m buying the book and I getting all the other “strangers” to sign it.  It’ll be like a yearbook of sorts :)

9 thoughts on “A magnet for causes?

  1. meizac says:

    What a fantastic project – I just spent the last half hour reading on Kym’s blog and looking at her wonderful photos. Lucky you to be involved in this project.
    And, you’re right. There simply was no other answer.

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