Houston, we have a problem

Remember I told you my laptop died dead the other day?

Well, since that nice Fred Guy hooked me up with an old laptop of his, I was cool.  Everything was nice and I was doing my daily work just fine [well, with some minor inconveniences and a little bit of swearing here and there].

All that ended today.  I was having breakfast – yes, my day starts after noon, when I realized I am deejaying at the Canadian Swing Championships in two weeks from now and ALL MY MUSIC IS IN THE  $#&%ING DEAD LAPTOP.

Yes.  Can we all have a big FML now?

Excuse me for a moment while I scream

Ah, that felt good.

OK.  I’m deejaying in two weeks.  I have time to find another laptop, install the  DJ software and rebuild my music library.

Highly annoying but not too bad.  I could’ve happened the day before.  Or even at the event.  And that would NOT have been good.

EDIT: I don’t know what the hell I was thinking but the nationals are a week from today.  A. WEEK. FROM. TODAY. FML


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