The many faces [names?] of the SSG

Even though I am first and foremost The Summer Solstice Girl, I also respond to several other names from now and then.

Clauds, Clau, Maggie, and Daisy of late.

As it turns out, I was given yet another one yesterday

I am now *drum roll*


Wait, what?

I have to thank my daughter for that (I think the WP convention is to use the initial when refering to one’s child so I shall do that for now on.  Much better than Twitter’s DD, in my opinion).  She asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day so I said I wanted to go check the Tulip Festival.  I knew it wasn’t going to be much of a view given the weather we’ve had for the last week and a bit but I still wanted to go and see them.

Sure enough, we get there and most of the tulips are dead.  N asked why was that, and I told her it was too hot for tulips.  N’s Boyfriend – we shall call him B, said tulips were wimpy flowers.  I replied that on the contrary, all of the other flowers are the wimpy ones since they need summer temperatures to bloom [except for icicle pansies, which are also kickass tough flowers].  Tulips are already all nice and bloomed when most flowers are wimpy seedlings in someone’s green house.  B = 0, SSG = 1

N said it was too bad we name people when they’re born instead of later on when they personalities have had a chance to show.  She then proceeded to say that my name should be Tulip since I like cold temperatures and can’t deal with heat.

And so, I was Tulip for the rest of the evening.

Pic of me taken by N. I asked her to email it to me. Check the email Subject


6 thoughts on “The many faces [names?] of the SSG

  1. Madame Weebles says:

    Tulip is a nice alternative to Daisy. They’re under-rated flowers, tulips are. And I’m with you on liking the cold and hating the heat. I’m already dreading summer.

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      I agree on everything.

      Tulips are very pretty and the variety of colours is amazing. I’ve only seen that much variety in carnations and that is not even altogther real. They can make white carnations take many different colours after they cut them.

      And I’m dreading summer too. Le Ugh

  2. Fred says:

    Hey, wait a second…I was the one who was calling you Tulip after B started making fun of you. Way to leave me out of the story, hoser.

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