Who would’ve thunk?

Who would’ve thunk I could be so creative?

I can sometimes come up with good things, after all.

It all started because we needed place card holders for our Spring Gala.  I couldn’t find anything like what I wanted.  Went to several dollar stores, Grand & Toy, etc.

So, it was 3 pm ON THE DAY of the Gala (doors were supposed to open at 6:45) and I still had nothing.

So, I thought, hmmm maybe I can come up with something.  I was wandering through the aisles trying to get some inspiration when I saw the flower foam, which gave me the whole idea.

I looked for some boxes but I couldn’t find anything pretty that wasn’t too expensive.  Then, I remembered I had seen some nice candle holders at the last dollar store so I went back to get them.

They were reasonable priced so I got 18 of them when I saw another ones that were prettier and two for the price of the ones I already had in the shopping cart.

Patiently, I put the candle holders back in the shelf and got the new ones.

Then I got some really cheap cocktail forks (remember, I’m at the dollar store).  I assembled the thing in my head and realized I needed something to cover the ugly flower foam.  At first, I thought of stickers or some fancy paper but then it downed on me.  Coloured Sand.

I rushed to the studio, put everything together and voila, I had pretty place card holders

Lo and behold [and be amazed by my outstanding crafting skills!]

First, I cut a round piece of the flower foam to fit in the candle holders

Then, I stuck the cards between the tines of the cocktail forks and inserted the shafts in the foam

Finally, I poured enough red sand on top to hide the ugly foam

Voilà. Pretty placeholder! [18 of them]

 All for $15 (tax included).  I’m a genius sometimes.


6 thoughts on “Who would’ve thunk?

  1. meizac says:

    What a cute idea! So, it’s settled, when my friend and I are stuck for creative ideas for her wedding decor, I’m coming directly to you.

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