A little dose of Adorable™ for you

Don’t worry, you’ll get your dose of Adorable™.  But first, let me tell you a story.

Around 7 pm yesterday, I heard what I thought sounded like a very young kitten meowing.

It sounded like kitteh was in distress.  I looked around and called her out but couldn’t see anything.

Later on, TFG came to my place and I told him about the meowing.  I took him to the balcony and there it was again.  I convinced TFG to go downstairs with me to see if we could find the source.  Kitteh was replying to my calls for a while and I thought we pretty much had pinpointed the location – a shed, but then she went silent all of a sudden.  After calling out for about 20 min with no response, we gave up and left.

I had some stuff to do, though, so by the time I went back to my place, it was past 11 pm.  All this time, kitteh was in my mind.  I went out to the balcony and soon enough, there it was again.  The sad meowing!  I called the Ottawa Humane Society and left a message with my name, phone number and a brief explanation of the issue.

Then, I went back downstairs with some cat food and a flashlight, determined to find kitteh.  As it turned out, a couple had also heard the meowing and had come to investigate as well.  We finally located kitteh.  She was actually UNDER the building and not in the shed as I had previously thought.

The girl was the first one to spot kitteh through a hole while I was holding the flashlight.  Her boyfriend decided he was too tired and went to bed but she stayed there to try and help me.  Once we had a visual and confirmed it was a very young kitten, I started to break the kibbles (which were from Jazz Cat Jay’s stash and therefore not very suited for tiny mouths) and put some through the hole to entice kitteh to come out.

Just like I thought, kitteh was starving and came for the food but every time I reached to grab her, kitteh retreated.

Long story short, It took me about an hour to get kitteh out.  All the while, I was kneeling on uneven, concrete ground.

Hard ground is hard

Shortly before I was able to take kitteh out, N had come home.  She was surprised not to find me there and called me.  I was about to grab kitteh when phone vibrated, which sent kitteh running back in panic.

I sighed, answered the call, explained the situation to N.  She came downstairs to try and help.  I grabbed more kibbles and got on my knees again.  At this point it was starting to get very painful!

But, those who persevere will be rewarded and 10 min later I had a very frightened kitteh in my arms.  We took her upstairs.

I left kitteh with N and ran to the grocery story (thank Ceiling Cat for 24/7 stores) to buy kitten food and kitten milk.  I already had kitty litter in the house thanks to Jazz Cat Jay.

And now I present you….


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16 thoughts on “A little dose of Adorable™ for you

  1. Ink. [Anette] says:

    Hard ground sure is hard. But soft kitteh compensates very well I’d say. What a cute and adorable little guy. You are gonna keep him aren’t you? I’m sure he’d like to adopt you :)

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