Virtual Cafe

In bed, half sitting, half laying down, enjoying a nice cup of coffee while kitteh is cuddled by my side.  I’m also feeling the adorable/cuteoverload withdrawl now that no-name-yet kitteh is gone to his forever home with TFG [gee, hope JCJ is not reading this or I’ll be in trouble].

Every time I have coffee now, I think of Madame Weebles.  I’ve been toying with this idea for about a week but between Kitteh rescuing & nurturing and pre-CSC stuff, I never got around putting it in words.

But here it is! [damn, I ran out of coffee.  Back in a sec]

My cool Juan Valdez Mug

 Le Clown, remember the good old Tumblr days?

Mmmmm coffee…

Anyway,  Inspired by this, I thought – why not have a Virtual Cafe where we coffee lovers can come and hang out? Maybe talk about our favourite roasts or just bitch about life or whatever?

What do you think?

A cafe where they always serve your favourite kind of coffee, open 24/7, and where you can hang out in your PJs.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


8 thoughts on “Virtual Cafe

  1. Madame Weebles says:

    Ha! I had just started reading your post and saw the photo of the coffee cup and I laughed. And then I saw my name and I laughed again. And you’ve inspired me to have another cup of coffee. Bottoms up, SSG!

    And sign me up for the Virtual Cafe. I’ve seen sites devoted to coffee and stuff, but the message boards are either gigantic, or they’re full of stuffy people discussing the nuances of blends and roasting times and stuff. A Virtual Cafe like you’re talking about would be much more fun,

  2. Anita S says:

    I’d like to be part of the Virtual Cafe as well! I’m not stuffy about blends (I have to admit that I drink instant) but I am a coffee lover and a coffee-shoppe-chat lover too.

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