Trying to cope

In bed, drinking coffee, while catching up with my WP reader.  It is a very hot day in Ottawa although at least my place is managing to stay somewhat cool which is a blessing.

I am in a very fragile state of mind today.  If my previous post was not telling enough, I had one of the worse nights I’ve had in years.  Very disturbing.

Having a mighty tinnitus flare up doesn’t help either, I guess.  However, I’m very thankful for the encouraging comments.  It makes things easier, somehow.

A cuddling kitteh is also not a bad thing.  Not No-name-rescued-kitteh but the ginger brat.

I’m also revisiting old social networks (god, how relative time is) and finding there’s some really funny shit there.    You should check them out if you feel so inclined.  There’s my Tumbler and then there’s Instagram and Twitpic.

And there’s some cool nature photographs too.  Some of them even with some sort of caption contests that never took off.  I think I’m gonna bring back to life some of them here on WP.

But back to my coffee drinking habits.  Happy, happy, joy, joy [Madame Weebles, I’m looking at you!].  Which takes me back to the Virtual Cafe.  Have to start working on that ASAP.

Mah absolutely gorgeous coffee grinder

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