Saturday Sketches

Yesterday afternoon My daughter, her boyfriend and I went to check out the Great Glebe Garage Sale.  Even though we’ve been living in Ottawa for years (a decade, really) this was the first time we got off our butts and went.

Since none of us are early birds, we went in the afternoon.  Which was good cause by the time we got there, the crowd was getting thin.  Sure, one can agree the best items were already gone but we didn’t intent to buy stuff, just to go for a stroll and enjoy the weather.  We ended up buying two National Geographic magazines in mint condition for 25 cents each.  Each one for the birth date of my children.  We look for mine but they didn’t have it :(

Then we got hungry so we went to a Tex-Mex restaurant.  We got settled and I got my book and fountain pen to do some sketches (drawings?*) and N asked if she could draw something there.  Since she’s a gazillion times better than I am [which is really no a lot to say.  Little Satchmo is a lot better than I am too.

Anyway, I gave her the notebook and the fountain pen and this is what she drew:


I’m the one of the left, with the parrot skirt


The Boyfriend


* Can someone explain to me the difference between drawing and sketching?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Sketches

  1. Ink. [Anette] says:

    Lovely drawings Summer Girl! If think drawing and sketching is pretty much the same, though, a drawing leaves room for more perfection, I’d say, like it could be something you work on a whole day. Whereas a sketch is like a fast draw-up, not something to be too meticulous about.

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