Me, inspiring?

Well, Monday came and went and I barely had a chance to sit down and type. Whatever little time I had, I spent it reading your fabulous blogs.

And while doing that, I found out with great joy that I had a little great award waiting for me!!

One that I had seen often in other blogs but never thought I’d see on my own. So, thank you all-knowing dad. Both for the pleasant surprise and for the award itself. I started a blog because I felt that all the thoughts I had inside were gonna make me implode after so many years of keeping them inside, always burning like coal that will never die. It was mostly an outlet, a place to write the things I could never say out loud. In time, I realized that there were also good things inside me that never saw the light either and pretty soon, there was silliness and laughter too. And that felt good!

Then there was the realization that there were others out there who also were on journeys of discovery and wanted to share their experiences. And to read mine! And there was the opportunity to reach out, to meet others, to help each other heal and grow. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

However, to learn that what was eminently a personal journey of discovery and healing can be inspiring to others, well… that was never part of the scope of my musings (sometimes more like ramblings). I am honoured and humbled.

There. Isn’t it pretty? :)

Apparently, this award come to me with no obligations. So, I am just gonna leave you with this photo I took today


Remember, even if the sun sets today, it will rise again tomorrow

10 thoughts on “Me, inspiring?

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Aaaw thanks!

      I’m surprised the picture came out that good. It was taken with my iPhone 3GS which doesn’t have the best of cameras. And I didn’t add any filters. Just posted it as I was :)

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