Orange Tabby Noem

Morning light

Sunday bright

orange tabby

by my side

And where is Ink.?

I do not know

in bed I’ll wait,

her Sunday post.

Another coffee

perhaps I’ll have

and then I’ll cuddle

with pussycat

This orange puss

boots doesn’t have

but on quests he goes

without a hat

Then he brings me

a gift or two,

the hunter tabby

content he purrs.


30 thoughts on “Orange Tabby Noem

  1. Fred says:

    Now that is one fine orange tabby
    Quite content now, not too shabby
    His human close upon the bed
    Scratching at his furry head
    ‘Tis time for tabby’s mid morn nap
    Upon his human’s gentle lap
    But human has her coffee mug
    Its rich, warm taste a liquid hug
    And as she noems this Sunday morn’
    The tabby he is surely torn
    For tabby purring ‘pon that bed
    May out the window gaze instead
    But human’s there, not far away
    The tabby’s purrs says all’s OK
    But if the human’s on the go
    Tabby says “Say hi to Satchmo”
    A classy tabby, kind and tutored
    Please have your pets spayed or neutered

  2. purpleowltree1234 says:

    Is that handsome orange tabby a certain Jazz Cat? :) He is so beautiful and exudes intelligence. I can tell he’s in another world behind his eyelids. :) I do love this cat!! pats for him from me if he’s in the mood for them. :)
    Love from Rach (Jazz Cat’s friend).

      • purpleowltree1234 says:

        :) Hello beautiful Jazz Cat!
        My Nelson cat is sleeping right by my side this instant too. He’s not a lap cat but he *is* jealous of the laptop. :)
        Love from Rach.

          • purpleowltree1234 says:

            Hi Gorgeous Jazz Cat! :)
            I hope she gave you those pats from me.
            I’ve got three cats living with me, and only one laptop, so I decided it needs to be mine to stop them from fighting over it. Cat fights and laptops don’t mix prettily. Hehehe.
            It’s always special to hear from you. I feel priviledged that you took a break from your thoughtul nap to drop me a line. Thank you! :)
            Love from your fan, Rach.

  3. Ink. [Anette] says:

    I love it Summer Girl! What a lovely Sunday Tabby Noem.

    I’m in motion, a wave throw me off the hook
    hard to read and write, stillness illness brain disfunction
    plenty struggle to post the Noem Nook
    my comments today must be read with precaution.

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