To the Noem Nook

To the noem hook

today I’m late

but here I am

smiling none the less.

The Jazz Cat’s ill

and that is sad

lots of cuddles

he must have.

Perhaps he’ll dream

of a certain deer

and lovely Ink.

stuck with him.

And this my friends

will have to do.

Until next Sunday

My love to you.


21 thoughts on “To the Noem Nook

  1. Ink. [Anette] says:

    Love your artwork Summer Girl – so cool!! You know… I’ll send the little deer to Jazz Cat Jay and lots of cuddles too. I hope he get better very soon. Love you noem :)

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      I would tell you but then I’d have to kill you… ;)

      Oh, I don’t know… I’m really good with animals and kids. And people in general. I’ve had [almost] strangers telling me about their problems. I have this uncanny ability to make people feel at ease around me.

      I think that’s why I did SO well during my psychiatry rotation

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