Can someone help Traveller?

Such a powerful plea cannot and must not go unheard. Or something



My name is Traveller    and I’m here on behalf of my three kids. I too need a home, I won’t lie, but I’m more concerned about the welfare of my babies so please, if you can, hear me out.

In case you’re wondering, I’m named after the Civil War General Robert E. Lee’s famous  horse Traveller one, because I’m also a deep shade of gray but I too have done an awful lot of traveling in my 11 months of existence.

You’re probably shocked I’m that young and already have 3 kids, well that’s what happens when you’re not spayed, abandoned and then end up at the wrong party. I didn’t know any better, not that that’s an excuse mind you – I take full responsibility for my behavior and don’t mind telling you how motherhood has changed me.

I’m not ashamed at being a single mother, God knows…

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