Because I *KNOW* you were *ALL* holding your breath waiting for the news.  You can breath again now (Blue is not very becoming unless you perform with tubes or you are a Na’vi from Pandora).

[a little review for those of you just getting to my blog: On Monday, I auditioned for a yet-to-be-named-formerly-known-as-Rhythm-Blasters entry level Lindy Hop team and last night I auditioned for the Jam Crew, also a Lindy Hop team but of a much higher dance level]


Just got of phone call from one of the coaches. ’tis what he said:

You have good connection, you’re very good at aerials and you have a great attitude. However, you’re coming from a long hiatus so you are a bit rusty. We’d like to invite you to join us at the yet-to-be-named Lindy Hop team bootcamp so you can work on your dancing and then join the Jam Crew in September. However, you are very prone to injuries so we are a bit concerned about that. We’ll have to be very careful so you don’t get injured.

All in all, good news.

I can’t lie, I’m just a tiny bit bummed I can’t train with the Jam Crew (the most coveted team) right away but I understand the decision. It is very fair and it’s the one that makes sense the most.



Sorry Madame Weebles.  Only after it was finished, I realized what I have done.  I hope I don’t give you nightmares

21 thoughts on “EXTRA, EXTRA!

  1. Fred says:

    1. Congrats!!! (Saying it publicly as well because SSG praise feels good)

    2. I like the colors. Shouldn’t it be SSSG? Super Summer Solstice Girl? :)

  2. meizac says:

    That does sound like a very fair and reasonable decision, and it is the best thing for your injury. Well done!!

    Also, can you please tell me the name of the drawing kit you bought, as I think I need to go buy three right now. Thanks!

  3. Madame Weebles says:

    GAG. Yeah, that did it. But thank you for the warning, and I’m glad it was at the end of your post so I actually managed to read most of it! :D I’m sorry you won’t be with the Jam Crew but they sound very nice and very interested in your welfare as well as your dancing, which is great!

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