Achieving Social Repose: Letting Others Have a Gay Old Time

“Listen, it’s just easier to get through your day without hating people.”

Truly, words to live by. Sure this post is about homosexuality. And I really wish people got over it and just accept it. But homosexuality is not the only kind of hating. People hate people that are different, or younger, or think differently. And that’s just sad

You Monsters Are People.

Some people claim that gay sex is an abomination and often equate it with bestiality. But that doesn’t really seem fair, because when you look lustfully into the eyes of a dog it can’t whisper “take me” into your ear or thank you for bringing it to Red Lobster and paying for its shrimp scampi. Still, everyone has the right to be completely grossed out by homosexuality, if they want to, but nobody should ever have the right to infringe upon another person’s lifestyle. The planet feels like it’s getting smaller everyday and we’re all going to need to either commit to some sort of twisted murder lottery that thins out the population dramatically or just stop stepping on each other’s toes while occasionally trying to put ourselves in those same trampled upon shoes.

Celebrating being gay doesn’t necessarily need to entail waving your bedazzled junk around in a parade…

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