This post is for Sandee

(Sorry everyone who is not Sandee Harris. You’ll have to wait for your turn)

So, I was at the Bear Den the other day, trying to work while little Satchie was trying even harder to NOT let me work.

I had many tabs open, Facebook being the one I was looking at when Satchie landed for the twenty-first time on my keyboard and THIS HAPPENED

How on earth?

  The Bear is my witness.  We still don’t know how the hell that happened


8 thoughts on “This post is for Sandee

  1. Sword-chinned bitch says:

    Oooo hooo hoooo! Thanks for telling me about this SSG! Satchie’s my promoter! I love Satchie! Maybe you could let me hire him (Satchie is a boy, right?) as part of my marketing team! Adorable Satchie baby!

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