Colombian smiles

Another short update.

My son smiled today.  It was kind of a fake smile cause I said “smile” as I was taking the picture.

But he’s starting to relax.  He’s also eating again.

After lunch today, my daughter mentioned how good it was to see him eating again (apparently, when she went to Colombia in January this year, he was not eating anything).  He replied: “Well, here I feel safe.  I can relax and don’t have to look over my shoulder all the time.  I’m getting my appetite back”.

He’s also spent some time looking at programs here.  It is really to bad everybody is on summer break so he can’t really interview with anyone.  But for now, the plan is still to go back to Colombia and finish his university degree.

Le sigh.

PS: I mention Colombia in this post, and WP suggests “illegal drug trade” as a recommended tag.  Nice! [insert sarcasm here]

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