Juan Valdez at Casa Colombiana

Since I shared one of my son’s illustrations, now I feel compelled to share some of my daughter’s art too.

I don’t think I’ve told you either that my daughter and I named our little place Casa Colombiana. Well, this is in our dining room




PS: I wonder why WP thinks I should tag this post with “Brad Pitt”…

14 thoughts on “Juan Valdez at Casa Colombiana

  1. Love & Lunchmeat says:

    Maybe you should just preemptively tag everything with Brad Pitt? If anyone asks, say the toucan reminded you of him. (I love the toucan BTW!)

    I often use tags like pointless endeavors, bacon, food communism, extreme bouts of stupidity, ice cream, general inanity, things that will eventually kill you, and seahorses just because they make me smile. I use real tags too, but I don’t think people mind the throwaway ones. Really ice cream should have its own category anyway, with thousands of posts dedicated to it. :)

    (Sadly, I have no coffee tag, but no worries. Will rectify that.)

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