Has it ever happened to you…

that you want to scream at the top of your lungs but you know you just can’t?



10 thoughts on “Has it ever happened to you…

  1. purpleowltree1234 says:

    ohhhh yahhh. the issue is to determne what sorta scream it would be. if it’s fear, screamin will make it worse. if it’s anger you’ll needa calm down before you face anyone afterwards or even any pets (you probably want em away from you when you scream). if it’s ecstasy (which I know it aint for you right now) then go for it, by all means, go for it!!!! wish i could send you a bottle of fixin potion. sounds SH*T right now. soooo sorry, friend. HUG Miss D. X

  2. Dai says:

    Put a pillow on your bed and beat ten tuns of crap out of it.
    Feather pillow is best as there’s always the chance it will split :)

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