Update on kitty’s dental surgery

Jay’s dental surgery went well. Very well, actually.

Of course there were tears in the morning as the technician was taken my darling Jay away in his carrier.

But it all went well, in less than the estimated time (20 min instead of 30) which also brought the final cost of the procedure down. In the end it was $200 and a bit less that the initial estimate. Yay!

Kitty is doing quite well. He’s eating just fine. There’s no bleeding and no coughing or vomiting, both of which can sometimes happen after general anaesthesia. I have to give him pain medication for three days and antibiotics for seven days and he’s taking them without fuss.

There’s only the matter of some swelling of his right paw, where they had the I.V. line but it should be gone by tomorrow. He seems to be walking well. No limping at all.

There was a handwritten note with the paper work. I says:

Jay’s dental cleaning and extraction went very well today. He was a lovely patient and we all wish him a speedy recovery!

The technician also said to me Jay was a very sweet cat and they were very impressed how well behaved he was. My brave Jay!

Thank you for your encouraging comments and tweets! They really made a difference.


Waiting for the cab so we could go home

12 thoughts on “Update on kitty’s dental surgery

  1. purpleowltree1234 says:

    Oh, I’ve got tears! Sweet Jay! <3 What a precious precious boy!
    I'm so glad he's through the scariest of it, and you too. :) You both made it! yay!! Hoping he keeps being willing to take his pills, and he feels better each day after this. I'm incredibly proud of him! And of yoU!
    You can breathe a huge sigh of relief now and just pour love into Jay as he heals. :) I'm glad it cost a bit less too! Bonus! :)
    Love and gentle pats and scratches and kind words to Jay, and love to you, from Rach. :)

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