Yeah, this is why I had kids

This post is dedicated to Meizac

About 6 years ago, my daughter and I were in the living room, enjoying a slice of cake each.  I forget which kind but I remember it was delicious.

OK. That was NOT the cake we were having but it’s a funny picture of me and a cake so there

Then my son comes downstairs, sticks his head in the living room to see what we were up to, takes in the scene and says:

“Ah, just think…. That cake is gonna go straight to your hips”

Then ducks and runs away.

My daughter and I just look at each other, trying to come up with a good come back but can’t think of anything.

It didn’t matter.  The brat is long gone, anyway.

Does it look like it went straight to our hips? Of course not! Brat


11 thoughts on “Yeah, this is why I had kids

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:


      In this case, my son was obviously trying to get us going. He had a very mischievous look on his face and that’s why he run before we could throw something at him :P

      But when they were both little, they used to say the darndest things.

  1. purpleowltree1234 says:

    *My* brother yanked a packet of cookies out of my mom’s hand once and threw them straight in the trash can. That didn’t go down so well.
    I love it how kids have an innate right to say the truth to their parents, no matter how tactless. :)
    You two ladies look *gorgeous*! Aint no fat hips there! :)

  2. Sword-chinned bitch says:

    I meant to tell you that I finally tried red velvet cake. You mentioned liking it once before. I bought one slice from Whole Foods. I almost died eating it because it was so good. I thought of you!

    I love love love that picture of you with the knife!

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