[Somewhat] Exciting Blog News

I’ve had the crappiest of times for the last two days.

And of course, I have no one to blame by me.

I forgot to refill my prescription and I took the last of the pills on Thursday.  Now, as most of my followers will know, medication for mental illness will cause addiction.  And even though is not the bad kind of addiction, i.e: that of “recreational drugs”, an addiction is an addiction and I started experiencing those damn withdrawal symptoms by Saturday night.

And after that, it was all a  Series of Unfortunate Events.  

I had a guest from Boston staying with me from Thursday to Sunday.  He was here for a wedding we were both attending on Friday .  So between the wedding and entertaining, I completely forgot to call the pharmacy for a refill.  I finally got around doing it on Monday by using their automated phone system but then I totally forgot Monday was a Holiday for us Canucks and therefore the pharmacy was closing early.  But the time I remembered this, it was too late.

Last night was particularly miserable.   So since I couldn’t sleep, I did what any respectable, sane person would do: I worked on my blog.

I did a little housekeeping.  Finally published some of the pages that had been in draft forever.  I also got around optimizing the navigation so the header is not crowded.  Something I had meaning to do for quite a while.

If you look at the blog.  You probably won’t notice anything new.  The bear didn’t and he’s a web developer/designer LOL

But once you hover over the tabs, you’ll see how much cleaner it is now.  Or so says the Bear.

I invite you to check out my new pages and the revamped ones.  I even wrote a little (very little) noem for the About page, which I simply called “SSG”

SSG is now a parent page containing the formerly free standing pages you all know and love Who’s the SSG and Why SSG.  OK, maybe not all of you.  Showing some love now wouldn’t be a bad idea….

Then there’s the brand new SSG’s Hats, which became a parent page to three of the old pages plus a new one, SSG the artist.  I am particularly proud of that one so I hope you like it too!

And last but not least, there’s SSG’s Bucket List!!!!  Of course I have  bucket list.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to work on the Virtual Cafe sometime soon.  The Bear says he found what seems to be the perfect solution but the problem is finding the time to implement it.

That’s it for now.

Oh, and I got my prescription delivered this afternoon so l should start feeling better by this evening.

Hope you like the updates.  And you know <shameless plug> if you do like them, let me know by, well… “liking” them </shameless plug>

15 thoughts on “[Somewhat] Exciting Blog News

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      he he

      Yeah. I’m a night owl so I never go to bed before 2 am anyway. But when it’s 6 am and I am still up (and not because of dancing) then it’s annoying.

      But at least I got a lot done :)

      Hope you can go back to your normal sleep pattern soon

  1. Sophy says:

    I hope things are better today. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I were in your position. I love the blog clean up btw, my information design OCD approves :D

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