A “friend” of mine was in Ottawa.  I put it in quotes because we started talking about 8 years ago in the Canadian Lindy Hop forum.  The forum had a thread for just women -the Ladie’s Lounge) and we used to shared a lot of personal stuff there, get great advice, vent, or just share dreams and goals.  It was great!

Then Facebook came and pretty much all Lindy Hop forums died.  The Ladies Lounge was moved to Facebook and conversations continued there.

Long story short, she was here so we decided to finally meet up in person.  We tried a couple of times but it didn’t work out and then finally on her last day in Ottawa we were able to make it happen.

As I expected, it was like getting reunited with a long time friend.  We had a great time together.

Buying locally grown produce at the Byward Market.


Had to take a picture of this. You know, me being the Summer Solstice Girl and all


Is it just me, or the patty pans look like boobs?

While browsing the produce, I saw a group of musician walk by.  The were about to set up in a corner and they had, among other instruments, a washboard!

I told my friend, “this is gonna be good!”

So after my friend left, I went back to that corner to check them out.  I was right.  They didn’t disappoint.




I noticed they were speaking to each other in Italian so I started talking to them in Italian as well.  As it happens, the singer, Giulia is from a town in Abruzzo called Roseto where the Canadian Petrillis (my family name) came from Roseto Valfortore in Foggia.  Go figure.

Incidentally, if you have ever read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell you might remember the Italian community of Roseto, Pennsylvania he describes in the introduction.  Guess where they came from? Yep, Roseto Valfortore.

It was a great day.  I got to hang out with a friend, listen to good live music and I got to practice my Italian!

24 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Ruby Tuesday says:

    I think it’s that patty pan in front – nipple and everything! And, by the way, you speak Italian as well? I feel more and more like a dumb American! ;)

    I am so glad you two were able to meet up and have a good time. Such lovely ladies!

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      It’s a complicated story but the family (Petrilli) is from Roseto Valfortore. I learned my Italian here in Canada but because of the family roots. Italian is still spoken by the elders at the family parties

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