Yes, another “how people find my blog” post

While catching up with WP, I came across THAM’s post.  And I’ve seen so many other hilarious search term lists but mine has always been very boring.

This is all I get.  It’s always been like that.

I was found once – however, by someone who was looking for CLOWNS OF FIRE.  Don’t know what to think about that one…

Other than that, it reflects pretty much what I am.  A Mental Health advocate.  A coffee lover.  A Lindy Hopper.  And somehow WP thinks I’m a funny geek as it sent a few people to my blog when they searched for “geek funny”.

One search term did make me laugh.  It was all the way to the bottom.  Only one search.

preventions of solstice

Um.  Why would anyone want to prevent a solstice?

7 thoughts on “Yes, another “how people find my blog” post

  1. Sophy says:

    I barely dare to look at my list. The last time I looked at it, it included both “messy facial” and “women’s hockey”. I’m not sure which offends me the most.

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