ILHC Recap

I was so smitten by my Smithsonian experience that I never said anything about ILHC.

It was a great weekend. I didn’t get to dance a lot. Other than the three songs at the Lindy J&J and the other three at the Balboa J&J, I only had about four social dances.

Which is pretty pathetic for an event of this kind. The live music was amazing and the best dancers of the world were there. Problem is, there is always a line up of women for every good dancer and I just wasn’t in the mood for staying in line. Besides, since I don’t travel that much for dancing, I’m not very well internationally known.

What I did do, though, was catching up with old friends. And of course, making new ones!

On Friday night, first thing we did, my daughter and I, was to get a vintage hairdo done by Alicia Vance of Bella Braids

And this is how we looked that night

Pin-up Girls

But that meant I had to sleep like this in order to keep the braided hair looking nice and um, braided ;)


However, the highlight of the weekend was the LED Talks and the introduction of the International Lindy Hop Hall of Fame


International Lindy Hop Hall of Fame trophies

I had the good fortune of not just meeting the inductees but to spend quite a lot of time with them.  I loved listening to their stories and learning about the birth of Lindy Hop.  What a great experience.  It was truly an honour and I’m very happy I got to be there for the first year of the Hall of Fame.


Jean Veloz and I


Norma Miller, Judy Pritchett & Dawn Hampton

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