This year, I’m prepared

For Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW), that is.

Last year, it took me by surprise.

But this year, I ordered the materials last month and I got them yesterday.  Posters, brochures, bookmarks and wristbands.

I have them on display at the studio now.  Some of my fellow team members work in the health field so they took a bunch of them to display at their workplaces too.

There was a time when I would rather die than admit I had a mental illness.  There was a time when I thought people would run away from me if they knew.  That I would lose my job and nobody would hire me ever again.

But not anymore.  I now understand that if I am not open about my illness, I am contributing to perpetuating the stigma.  If I don’t feel comfortable talking about mental illness, mine, my children’s, my friend’s, I am only making the paradigm even more rooted in our society.

So I’m wearing the orange MIAW wristband and I’m hoping a lot of people will ask me what it means!


6 thoughts on “This year, I’m prepared

  1. Nicole says:

    I dint know about this week—so glad you and others were ready!! Wristbands are a great conversation starter; I never found one I liked so my hubby made me one. People ask me about it all the time! Hats off to you for raising awareness and being open about your disease

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