I chickened out

This week was auditions week at Swing Dynamite.

I signed up for the Jam Crew, as intended.

Then, in a moment of bravery, I also signed up for TNTeam.  My dream team. The team I have always wanted to be in.

The audition for Jam Crew was on Wednesday.  It went very well and I have no doubt I’ll make the cut.

The audition for TNTeam was this evening.  Earlier today I made the mistake of asking my daughter (who will be coaching TNTeam as usual) how many people had signed for the audition.  5 men and 10 women, she said.

So I chickened out.  Didn’t show up for the audition.  I knew that at least 4 of those women we practically in so I’d be fighting for one spot with the other six.

I couldn’t deal with the thought of defeat.  I couldn’t deal with the pain of not making it.

But now I’ll never know.  I could have been that one.  And I’ll never know.  Because I was too much of a coward to show up and give my best




6 thoughts on “I chickened out

  1. purpleowltree1234 says:

    Sounds like if you’re feeling that worried bout making it into the TNT team maybe you’re feeling fragile already bout other stuff in your life right now. Don’t beat yourself up. What can you learn from this? That sometimes you just know you gota take care of yourself before you take on another thing?That maybe you’ll feel stronger next year at TNT’s auditions? That there will be another chance? Be gentle on yourself, SSG. You’re worth it. Glad you tried out for the other group any how. Lookin forward to hearin how you went. Miss D. X

  2. saradraws says:

    It’s ok to chicken out. There will be other chances. Like purpleowltree said, maybe the time wasn’t right, and your gut was telling you something. At some point, you’ll be ready.

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:


      Me, a showoff? Never!

      They will start making call back today. It’s funny for me cause it’s my daughter who makes the call backs. She wasn’t too impressed that I didn’t show up for the audition without telling her I was not going

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