Life: A Chart

Doesn’t it feel like this, sometimes? Most of the time?


11 thoughts on “Life: A Chart

  1. apurpledreamer says:

    I’d appreciate it if you’d quietly let go of my brain, and slowly back out of my head. Thanks :)
    Seriously though, WOW. This is such an accurate depiction of my world, only I’d make the sadness and disillusion slice slightly larger, and the dreaming about wonderful things slightly smaller. Very impressive graphic!

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Nobody has a perfect life. Sure, some people have it easier than other but life itself is stressful for everyone. Having kids in the modern world brings a lot of anxiety to parents. We always worry about the next pandemic, or the next war, or the collapse of the market.

      As for self-doubt that’s just a trade mark of every human being. We are wired to doubt ourselves all the time :P

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