I’m fuming here

<gets on soapbox>

Picture this:

I’m sitting on my living room watching a TV show and I hear knocking on my door. Get up and it turns out to be two women asking if I want to talk about the bible. I didn’t know it at the time but they identified themselves as Mormons, after.

Like WTF?

I ask them how they got into my building and they say “someone” let them in and they refuse to tell me who.

I tell them I don’t want to talk about religion, close the door to call the super and I hear then knocking on the door next to mine.

I realized I don’t have the super number (they changed supers a while back and I never bothered getting the new number).

I am swearing like a sailor while I try to find any kind of legal document with the super’s number as I hear them knocking on all doors on the floor.

Now I’m pissed.

I give up finding the number and grab a sweater from the closet to hide the fact I’m not wearing a bra (it’s fucking Sunday evening, I’m  wearing my PJs, OK?), grab the keys and walk to the elevator to go find the super.  Guess which two little ladies are walking toward the elevator from the opposite direction?

I tell them they should have not been knocking on all doors and they tell me they didn’t think people would mind. I ask them again who let them in and this time around they say it was a friend. I ask the friend’s apartment number and they say they don’t remember.

OK. At this point, I should stop saying “they”. Only one of them was doing all the talking. The cat’s got the other one’s tongue, I guess. In retrospect, I am pretty formidable when I am angry so I guess I scared the crap of those young women.


I ask how can it be possible they don’t know their friend’s apartment number if they were there visiting him/her. She starts telling me a convoluted story that makes no sense.

We get to the first floor and then make it for the door so I tell them that if they have any decency in them they’ll stay while I get the super, who lives right by the elevator.

I know on the door, the super comes out wearing PJs too. I make a big deal of apologizing for knocking on his door on a Sunday night while looking at the young women.  Then I explain the situation.

He is not happy, of course.  He starts asking questions. All of a sudden, the woman doing all the talking remembers the apartment number.

I look at her and say “oh, so you lied to me me. You did know the number and refused to tell me”. She admits to lying to me.

We get the friend’s number and name as well as their own names and the church they go to.

They are asked to leave and they are told something will be done about it.

Pheew… OK, not fuming anymore.  Where would I be without my blog?

In retrospect – and after a lengthy conversation on FB with various people, including a friend who is a Mormon as well, I realize they were young and made a stupid mistake.

And I can be a pretty formidable adversary when I’m angry. I probably scared the crap out of them and they felt so trapped they lied.

I’m not excusing their behaviour. I’m just saying I understand it.

Here is where I stand:  I respect people’s beliefs. I don’t have anything against religion. As far as I am concerned, everyone is free to have whichever faith suits them and practice said faith. This is not the first time I say this, on my blog or anywhere.

But I HATE proselytism. I don’t think people should do that. Convert by example, if you must. By the way you live, by the way you treat others. By your compassion and kindness. Not by forcing yourself in other people’s homes and lives


Just don’t do it.

And here’s one more thing: I can understand those people believe they’re doing the right thing. They have been told it is their duty. I can even understand that most of them mean well. Hell, they are trying to save my immortal soul in their own weird way, right? That must count for something. But you know what?


Just don’t do it.

I still don’t think people should tell other what they should believe. Or that what they believe in is wrong.  That’s what beliefs are.

Everybody is entitled to their opinions and beliefs as long as they don’t interfere with other people’s human rights.

I have the right to be a lazy ass and watch a lame TV show while wearing Christmas PJs sans bra on an October Sunday evening without being disturbed by two people trying to get me to heaven.  God-dammit.

And that my friends, is what freedom’s all about!

</gets on the soapbox>


19 thoughts on “I’m fuming here

  1. neeroc says:

    Heh. I need you to answer my door! The Mormons dropped by here last week. While Bill was here because he herniated a disc. And they still wanted to ‘talk’!

  2. Carine says:

    I instantly laughed when I saw your first sentences. We had Jehovah’s witnesses this morning here. Was still in my PJ. Hubby dealt with it because he was outside smoking. Gee they talked for at least 5 minutes! That’ll teach him to smoke ;-)

  3. the howler and me says:

    Seriously, anyone that comes to my door that I don’t know gets a “what the fuck are you selling” attitude and a door slammed in their face. I don’t care how well spoken or nice they are…. I don’t trust anyone going door to door.

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      yeah, I don’t trust people going door to door either. I feel bad for those kids canvassing for good causes but I just don’t like the idea of strangers knocking on my door.

      I sort of tolerated when I lived in a house but now that I live in an apartment building, well that just unacceptable

  4. Anita S says:

    My partner got caught outside watering on Saturday afternoon when they came by our house. She said it took awhile to get rid of them. She has more patience than I do — I would have told them where they could go and what they could kiss. :-D

  5. Sword-chinned bitch says:

    Years ago when I lived in a brownstone and could look out of the window one flight to see who was ringing the bell, I saw it was Jehovah’s Witnesses, raised up the window and told them that I was a Satanist. This isn’t true at all but it felt fun to say it.

  6. purplemary54 says:

    I get your anger. I hate the ones who try to hand me pamphlets on the bus, in the mall, at the airport, wherever. I’m a little more tolerant of Mormons, who are so freakin’ polite it’s almost a little scary, mostly because I know a few of them. Going out and spreading the word of the church is a requirement for all young men, and I’ve been told more young women are embracing it as well. These two didn’t sound especially well-informed or skilled, however. Going to a closed apartment building on a Sunday? They are clearly not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

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