Something about Movember

I first got acquainted with Movember in June 2010. It was one of those seemingly unrelated series of events that set the fate wheels in motion and by October 2010, I was part of the Canadian side of the Movember Digital Challenge as the Assistant Captain of the Ottawa Chapter (Movember YOW).

That’s how I got to meet a certain Le Clown who was the Captain of the Montreal Chapter (Movember YUL) which by the way, broke all sorts of records that year.

I had a great time, got to meet a lot of wonderful people, got to attend both the Toronto and Montreal Galas and managed to raise more than $1000 all by myself! (I honestly can’t remember how much my team raised but it was nowhere as near as the wildly successful Movember YUL)

At my friend’s place, about to leave for the Toronto Gala

At the Toronto Gala with Sean Moffitt and my friend Nyree

At the Montreal Gala. Photo by David Nault, Cap’n of THE STACHE BROTHERS

With the Montreal Man of Movember

One of the activities I enjoyed the most was my Mo Tour™, where I wore a moustache for a full day and went around Ottawa talking about Movember. Also  – for a $10 donation, people could have a picture of me taken at the place of their choice which I would then post on Facebook and Twitter. It was a good day!

Hanging out with Luigi in Little Italy

Don & Jenn from FoodiePrints not only donated to my Mo Tour but also helped me spread the word by making it part of the Ottawa Food Challenge making their stop a “Movember Clue”. They are awesome that way!

I had a great time that year and like I said, I got to meet a lot of wonderful people.

Some quotes from my friends about the Mo Tour™:

“spent the day with a beautiful but, partially crazed woman who wore a moustache everywhere we went. It’s was all in fun, for fundraising and awareness of the MOVEMBER campaign for Prostate Cancer……ahhh, the things I do for the women I love….”

“I don’t know how you manage to make wearing a moustache hot, but you do”

A few things conspired last year to make me miss Movember but I’m happy to be able to contribute again this year with Bloggers for Movember!

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