Amusing musings

Today’s amusing musing is brought to you by the letter F

Everybody knows I’m easily amused.

And today, one of the things amusing me is the word fuck.

You see, since English is not my mother tongue, fuck doesn’t have the “bad word” meaning it has to a native speaker.

Oh, I know it’s a swear word. The denotation is perfectly clear for me. The connotation however, is very different. I can swear like a sailor in English and I get none of the childhood guilt associated with that.

OK, maybe NOT like that….

But the thing is, I didn’t go through the process of my parents and teachers telling it was not nice to say it. I never got scolded or put in time off for saying it.

As a result, saying fuck is about the same as saying fruit or house to me.

So I can swear with impunity. Fully guilt-free.

I can’t do that in Spanish. I very rarely use sweat words in Spanish. I get the full on Jewish/Catholic guilt if I do. I feel the full force of the Spanish inquisition upon my heels.

And you know what? Being guilt-free is great!

Which brings me to this other amusing musing.

Who are people trying to kid when they type f*ck or sh*t?

Seriously. Do they really believe that it is less rude? Or that you won’t go to swear hell if they exchange one letter for the asterisk?

I’m not talking about doing it in an email subject in order to avoid being flagged as spam.

I’m talking about people doing that on their FB walls and the likes.

I know people who have no problem whatsoever saying the word out loud but won’t write it down.

I find that very amusing.

I’m not judging. I know they can do whatever they want. It’s their prerogative. But I still find it amusing and it makes me laugh every single time. Just like Republicans make me laugh when they substitute the word vagina for some other stupid euphemism.

And before you all get up in arms, I do know fuck and vagina are not comparable. While fuck and shit are rude words, vagina (and penis for that matter) are anatomical parts and as respectable as nose or brain or ear. I know that.

Only reason I’m mentioning it it’s because I find it amusing.

So there!

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Sans asterisk.

9 thoughts on “Amusing musings

  1. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    You rock, SSG! This is the funniest thing I’ve seen this morning. Of course, everything else has been about budgets and bank statements, but still. L’chaim!

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