This Sailor girl

I don’t understand how I end up always over-scheduling myself…

Oh, right, I remember now. I have ADD


So, I’m teaching tonight.

The teaching scheduled goes out every three months. We get the first week of January, April, July and October. Among the other dates, I was scheduled to teach on Dec 15. No big deal.

THEN, all the previous Dynamite Girls that are still team members were invited to a cooperative project with SD’s new all-girl team The Hot Tamales. Awesome! I was more than happy to join them. Then it turned out they were planning a performance on December 15. I was very happy. We’re bringing the Sailor Girls routine back to life after a couple of years of sabbatical. Did my brain raise a red flag? Or course not! Why would it bother remember I was teaching on that date too?

AND THEN, I signed up as the DJ for the last set (11pm – 1 am) of all December Saturdays. I love deejaying plus I can use the extra money. Again, did my brain bothered checking the calendar. Hell, no. The bastard.

As a result, tonight I am teaching, performing AND deejaying.

It’s going to be a looooooong night.

Granted, it’ll be fun, but very long. From 8 pm – 1 am.

And -as it that weren’t enough, tomorrow I have Balboa practice from 12-4 pm, immediately followed by a mandatory All-Teams practice with a special Street Dance class and a Team battle afterwards.

It’s all very exciting and I’m very much looking forward to all of that but on Sunday night, I’m gonna need someone to drag me home and put me to bed.

See you on Monday, I guess.

But for now, this Sailor Girl needs to go get ready for the party!

sailor girls - CSC

6 thoughts on “This Sailor girl

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii how are you? How’s the Howler? You’re moving? I hear you, moving is very tiring. Not just the weekend of the moving but all the packing before and all the unpacking after. Le ugh.

      Best of luck!

      • the howler and me says:

        Thank you!!!
        Yes, I moved a block and a half down the street (to get away from my slumlord of a landlord).

        I am frickin’ exhausted. BUT I am getting there.

        Everything is going good, me and the howler are surviving. (he’d say “hi” if he weren’t SNORING right now)

        How is everything with you?

        • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

          Oh, at least you’re in the same neighbourhood so it won’t take a lot of adjusting. Moving is so exhausting. It always takes me weeks to recover.

          Glad to hear things are good with you. I’m surviving as well. Just starting to come out of a hard period but life goes on, as usual

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