Apparently, Mothcaterpillar has been living in my mind all along…

This ==> I can never really fall apart because I’ve never been together. <== Yeah, I know about that.

Yeah, there were lessons learned. There are always lessons learned. But I've been learning lessons for 44 years. Can I start just enjoying the wisdom gained from all those lessons now?

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  1. Dai says:

    Ha Ha, it’s a nice thought, although someone once said “once you stop learning, you die”. You have learned lessons from experiences you could never have taught yourself. Continue to have experiences and learn from them. You might even live for ever ;)

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      Oh, I don’t want to stop learning the good things ever. There’s so much I want to know about astronomy and physics of particles and how the brain works, etc. Science in general.

      And then there’s dancing. I never want to stop learning dancing either.

      I’m talking about the ” I know this is painful but it’s good for you because you’ll come out stronger and wiser” type of learning crap. I already got my 10,000 hours for that kind of learning :)

  2. mothcaterpillar says:

    I wish 2013 wil be ring you only the leraning of astronomy and physics… dancing… and how the brain works… no more “painful, but good for you” kind of learning… only “good for you!” :-)

    • SummerSolsticeGirl says:

      aaaaaaaaw thank you! That’s probably the best wish someone has wished for me. It has to be right up there in the top 5, in any case.

      And I have to say that some of the lessons I learned were/are good too. I just realized I sounded too whiny.

      All the best to you in the new year, as well! :)

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