When doing the right thing breaks your heart

I am not knew to broken hearts. Nobody is.

I could give you a hundred examples.

Like when I decided to come to Canada even if it meant not seeing my children for several years. That broke my heart. But time proved me right and after a while we were reunited here. Now my children have a world of opportunities they would never know, had we stayed in Colombia.

Or when last year I had to let go of someone I loved very much because it was the best thing for both of us. Again, broken heart.

Today, I had to do the right thing again.

Today, my heart weeps.

Today, it sucks to be me.

But I find comfort in knowing that I did the right thing.

Sad Daisy

12 thoughts on “When doing the right thing breaks your heart

  1. purpleowltree1234 says:

    *Caring*, beautiful friend. <3 So sorry for your pain. Be gentle on your heart.
    Love from your concerned friend Rach.

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