Some people, really!


This afternoon, someone posted on the Ottawa Swing Dance Society FB group something about a “fun swing dancing event for single professionals”. He prefaced it with “fellow swing dancers”

As an ex-executive member of the society and a teacher & DJ for so many years, I pretty much know everybody in the scene so I thought it was weird I didn’t recognize the name. Besides, the whole thing smelled fishy so I clicked the meetup link.

Oh surprise. The event description had complete paragraphs taken from the Swing Dynamite website!

Even after contacting the person and letting him know he was reproducing our content without our permission, some of the content remains.

He rearranged some things but he is still paraphrasing. And our most recognizable bit which is basically our catch phrase (For complete beginners–no partner required! yes, double dash and exclamation mark included) is still there.


He also has a picture there that I am sure I’ve seen before. Not one of ours but I know I’ve seen it before. I am sure he’s also using it without permission.


8 thoughts on “Some people, really!

  1. Animalcouriers says:

    Grrrr, indeed. You can add some javascript to your web pages that stops anyone copying content – we had to do that as scammers wee taking our website and reproducing it wholesale :( Let me know if you need it.

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